Thursday, December 21, 2006

skip to...week 12!

Isaiah 44:24-
24God, your Redeemer, who shaped your life in your mother's womb, says:
"I am God. I made all that is. With no help from you I spread out the skies and laid out the earth."

Well, I sorta fibbed last week about "only one week left in our first trimester", because I forgot that today STARTS the last week of the first trimester. Wishfull thinking I guess! Seriously this time, ONE more week until the 'feel-good trimester'!!!
This week, baby t, Josh and I attended the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Lauren LeVecchio (the new Mrs. Torti). This was the baby's second wedding (with two more to come this month!) and s/he especially enjoys the yummy food and fun sounds. While I felt like a giant chocolate elephant as the only preggo bridesmaid, the wedding was beautiful and i was honored to be a part of the festivities.

Today the neatest thing happened--I was able to SEE Nicki's baby kick inside of her womb! I've been able to feel Tristan move before, but seeing it was something else. Then I placed my hand on her belly where he had just kicked and he kicked (or punched!) my fingers! So cool! The above verse really stood out to me this week, because the Lord reminds us that he is in control of everything. From the time we were being knit together in our mother's womb, to before time began for us and the world was created, it was all his doing! Nothing is a surprise to Him, and he provides for our every need. It occured to me this week, just how out of my control this pregnancy is. The baby in my womb is one of God's precious gifts that I have the joy of nurturing, loving, feeding, and caring for, however, this baby (like all of the money and 'toys' that we earn) belongs to God.

I hope this update finds everyone doing well and a pray for safety as you travel to visit family and friends this Christmas!

kelly, josh, & baby t

Only 1 week left in our first trimester (seriously this time)!
Our sweet baby's world:

Your baby's hit the 2-inch mark (about the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce. Her face is beginning to look more human. Her eyes, which started out on the sides of her head, have moved closer together on her face, and her ears are near their final positions. Your baby's intestines, which have grown so rapidly that they protruded into the umbilical cord, will start to move into her abdominal cavity about now. Her kidneys are secreting urine into her bladder. Her nerve cells have been multiplying rapidly, and synapses (neurological pathways in the brain) are forming. Your baby may have acquired more reflexes by now, including sucking, and she'll even squirm if you prod your abdomen, though you still won't be able to feel her move for several weeks.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

now for some earth shattering news...

We are PREGNANT!!!! This is somewhat silly, since most of you regular readers are privvy to this fact, BUT you haven't seen some of the fun pix!
Our baby will be arriving w/ fireworks on 4th of July weekend 2007! Crazy huh? Well, '07 is right around the corner gals (and a few faithful guys) so get ready for a crazy preggo ride!

(i know it is bearly visible, but that crazy test showed a faint pink line when i was only 4 wks along)

I surprised Josh that Monday night (hours after i took the test at work) by taking him on a picnic at BU's beautiful campus. We sat on a tree swing in front of Waco hall and i let a little gift box (hidding a letter, baby bibs, and my + test) break the news. I was thankful that he was SO excited (as his face shows) and i can't wait to see him in his new role as a daddy!

Here is the first of my weekly e-mails to my fam:

Hello fam (plus my two friends who know already!)!

This list will grow in size (kinda like my belle) after we get into the doc and get everything checked out. Until then, mums the word (no, seriously!)!!!
Nic started this version of a preg blog w/ her pregnancy and I love reading about Tristan's world each week, so I thought I would continue the tradition for y'all!

I can't believe it's been a whole week since we found out the joyous (but a little scarey) news that we are expecting! Keeping it from those we interact w/ on a daily basis has been killer! Everytime we see a friend out and about I always ask Josh "Do you think they know?" He laughs at my paranoia and shakes his head no. On the other hand, it's kinda fun to have this secret, safe and hidden.
My saving grace at work has been my partner in crime Nicki Wilson. Nic has been such a sweet friend, mentor, encourager which has aliviated a lot of stress this past week--i think i would have thrown that test away w/out a second look had she not come to double check. Seriously, it was the lightest, faintest line I'd ever seen in my 6 years here @ the Preg Center!
My body has already begun to change a little (I'll spare the guys some of the gory details) but my crazy emotions & need for sleep have been the two biggest symtoms for me.
Josh and I are thrilled to begin this new chapter in our lives and we covet your prayers for a safe and non-drama filled pregnancy. Join us as we pray daily for this gift of life we have been given to nurture for the next 8 months on the inside!

Love y'all,
kelly & josh

What's happening in our baby's world:
Deep in your uterus your embryo is growing at a furious pace. At this point he's about the size of a sesame seed, and he looks more like a tiny tadpole than a human. He's now made up of three layers — the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm — that will later form his organs and tissues. The cells are forming for his major organs, including his kidneys and liver, and his neural tube is beginning to develop. This neural tube — from which your baby's brain, spinal cord, nerves, and backbone will sprout — develops in the top layer, called the ectoderm. This layer will also give rise to his skin, hair, nails, mammary and sweat glands, and tooth enamel. His heart and circulatory system begin to form in the middle layer, or mesoderm. (This week, in fact, his tiny heart begins to divide into chambers and beat and pump blood.) The mesoderm will also form your baby's muscles, cartilage, bone, and subcutaneous (under skin) tissue. The third layer, or endoderm, will house his lungs, intestines, and rudimentary urinary system, as well as his thyroid, liver, and pancreas. In the meantime, the primitive placenta and umbilical cord, which deliver nourishment and oxygen to your baby, are already on the job.

New York Pix

okay already (just kidding!) ! here are a few shots:

all of the 'cousins' who made it to the wedding!

e & i posing w/ the bride
(yes, she was the only one drinking in the pic!)

the four sis's smiling (a rarity in photos!) w/ mema's boquet
(joanie, sandy, diane, pam)

e & the MULITITUDES of cakes!
they were YUM, i took some home on the plane!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New York, New York!

What a whirlwind! Our weekend in upstate New York was simply to attend my cousin Nicole's wedding (which was held Saturday nite), but as you know we Italians have both pre and post wedding events that asked our attendance!
FRIDAY: When we arrived at my Aunt Sandy's house on Friday afternoon, there was gorgeous black Caddy LIMO waiting for us! We were wisked away to Lake Skaneateles(pronounced skinny-atlas) were we dined at a local hot-spot, then Erin and I joined up with gals in the bridal party at the famous Mirbeau Inn & Spa. Eventhough we didn't partake in the spa treatments, we basked by the fire and joined in the friendly banter. I instantly loved my cousin's two best friends Jill and Danielle and we always enjoy catching up with our cousin Jaime (who stood up as Nic's maid of honor). That evening we attended a rehersal dinner for my side of the family + Jeff, Nic's husband to be. All I can remember of that evening was eating one delish food right after another, for like 2 1/2 hours, non-stop. Oh, and cotton candy--i definitely remember the pink clouds of homemade fluffy delight! Apparently, it's the house specialty!!!
SATURDAY: After consuming food for half the town of Syracuse, Erin and I decided to walk off those extra calories at the local mall. While driving through town we had already glimsped the beloved letters H&M and we were ESTATIC about having a few hours to peruse the latest clothing trends from Europe. We were like kids in a candy store!!! I think we will start a petition to open one of these fabulous stores here in Texas. Why should the northern states get to have all the fun? When our shopping appetite had been fed, we were off to the wedding! When we arrived at the country club the finishing touches were being done to the reception hall and we escorted back to the bridal chambers. Nicole looked radiant and left to take some outside pix while there was still light in the sky with the lake in the background. Originally the plan was to do the wedding ceremony on the porch, but due to the 37 degree weather, we moved it inside to the dance floor and closed 'french doors' to the reception hall. The ceremony was short but sweet, then the couple was swept into a picture-taking frenzy! Since Erin and I had already scoped out our seats, we were free to roam about, catching up with cousins, aunts and uncles (some legal, some not!).

OKAY---i accidentally pushed publish instead of SAVE so, check back tomorrow so i can finish the blog and upload the pix!

Friday, October 27, 2006

It's getting easier...

What wonderful friends (and of course sweet family) I have been surrounded with during this time of turmoil in our lives! I have been reading all of your sweet comments and am checking y'alls blogs again---so I think my blogger funk is coming to an end!
Over the past week the Lord has been revealing his goodness and provision to Josh and I. While it still saddens me to think I will never hold my sweet samson again on this earth, it is comforting to know that God is in control of the situation. My last post was such a downer, that I had sweet friends calling in tears of empathy. So many of you have grieved of the loss of a precious pet and your words of wisdom and comfort have been priceless!

This last week has been full of activities including BU homecoming! I thought y'all would enjoy a few happy pix:


all the kids (including my neph-pug jude!)

jude was acting shy here, but he was a party waiting to happen all evening! everyone hearts this friendly breed, so he was loved on all night by complete strangers. it was a nice distraction from my crazy sad week to play w/ ju-ju bee!gotta take the pic quick before your hair starts to melt!!!

Baylor VS Kansas game

when i arrived at the end of the 3rd quarter, there wasn't much hope as we were down 17 points(and we know how the bears normally have a very difficult time coming back in the second 1/2 of the game!) but suddenly, we scored 2 touch downs, it was like we had a brandnew team! it brought the crowd to their feet in amazement! (can you see nic & brent way up there?)

a little tough to believe (and read when the pix is so tiny) but we BEAT kansas 36-35 in the last minute and 1/2 of the game!!! we were sitting in the right endzone to watch all three last quarter touchdowns happen before our eyes!!!

our famous self-portrait to comemorate the win!!

* there is a cute pic of the four of us kids who were at the game, but blogger is having issues uploading any more pix and i don't wanna make it mad--so maybe later!

Friday, October 20, 2006

In Memory of Baby Sam...

It's taken me a week to even THINK about typing this blog. I'm sure it will get 'saved as draft' many times over the next few days, but I will try to compose myself because I want to share this with you. My blog is kinda like my diary, but you can only be so transparent when you know others will be reading along. How do you share the saddest day of your life?

One week ago (Friday October 13th) I got home from work around 5:00 and took the pups out like any other day to check the mail. While I was leafing through the letters I glanced up to check on the pups and didn't see samson. Shiloh was right in front of me laying in the grass, but no sam. I started calling his name, turning full circle, and that's when I saw him. Just a few feet away from me, lying limp in the street. I think I screamed, mail fell out of my hands as I ran to him. I scooped him into my arms and held him like a baby. His heart was still beating, but the rest of his body was eerily still. I began to cry and look around, wondering what to do next. An older man got out of his white truck parked a few yards in front of where I had picked up sam an came walking towards me. He was shaking his head and kept repeating, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I tried to swirve and miss him." Everything was moving in slow motion, my feet felt like bricks and I couldn't move. Much to his surprise, I told the gentleman he needed to call my husband. He fumbled around for his cell phone and realized he'd left it in the car. While he went to retrieve it, I looked around once more and Shiloh caught my attention. I pleaded with him to stay put and began to cry even harder as I looked again at my precious baby dog lying in my arms. Why was I not paying closer attention, I asked myself? Why did sam wander into the road--he has NEVER done that before!? The man returned with his phone and I called out the numbers for Josh's cell. When Josh answered I attempted to compose myself, but my words came out in a rush, "Baby, samson just been hit by a car and I think he's dead!" Josh asked if he was breathing and I couldn't tell, he asked if I could drive over to the vet. I told him that I thougth sam was gone already, but I could try. As we were talking, sam slipped away as his body released what it needed to as his muscles relaxed. He went slack in my arms and I held him tighter and told Josh I would wait inside. He said he would be there as soon as possible (he works 20 minutes away in China Spring) and for me to go inside to get my phone and wait for him. I began to weep as I carried my baby inside for the last time. You see, sam didn't like to be outside for too long and would let me pick him up and carry him like a baby while I kissed his little head. It was almost too much for me too take.
I began to panic a little as I was worried I would loose Shiloh too, if we didn't get into the house quick enough. We made to the couch before I dissolved into tears again while I wrapped sam in a towel and continued to hold him close. All I could say was 'i am sorry baby sam, so sorry' as I rocked him in my lap. As calmed down a little I started to think of who was the closest sibling to my house and called cam first, momentarily forgeting it was Baylor's Fall Break and both of my brothers were in Plano. I attempted to call Erin, but her line was busy. Two seconds later my mom called to check on me. She was crying and so was I. I hadn't felt this helpless, or this responsible in quite a long time. Mom told me Erin was on her way and then handed the phone to Clay. Everyone was so sweet and understanding.

I called Josh as he was litterally pulling into the parking lot. He jumped out of the car and met me in the kitchen. We hugged and cried over sam. Josh is always the more level-headed one and it was somewhat comforting to see him start to grieve too. He offered strength and comfort, by his very presence. We sat on the couch and held him for a while until Erin got there. She too offered her comfort with a hug and tears. How horrible it must be to loose a child. I can't even imagine. No one can really comfort you, but there presence and love is enough---it has too be.

We decided to bury baby sam out back and had a mini-funeral for him Friday night. Pieces of his favorite toy (the famous pink & green bone), a rawhide and his favorite blankie were tucked into the box before we burried him. We smiled at the thought of him playing endless rounds of fetch (the ultimate game in sam's mind) in Heaven. I miss him so much.

While there is much more to write about how this has affected us. I will post this for now, or it will never be finished. Thanks to all who have prayed for us and expressed their sadness for us during this grieving time. Everybody kiss there puppies and loved ones tonight because only God knows our appointed time to join him in Heaven.

Okay, Okay I'm SORRY!

This is especially for Nic and Melissa who have pleaded for my updates;) I tried to rationalize with thoughts like, once I get the pix uploaded or Josh kidnapped the computer again, etc. So here are some thoughts over the last couple weeks.

The most fun thing that's happened in the last two weeks was the trip Larka and I took to Mexico (oct 7-10). While we didn't really take pictures, we captured memories to last a lifetime! I'm privileged to have such a caring, thoughtful, and adventurous mom-in-law. We did two dives a day on Sunay and Monday, then she treated me to beach-front massage! Can you imagine hearing actual waves crash(as opposed to a pre-recorded cd) as all of the yucky tension is worked out of your body? amazing! We saw mulitple schools of baby fish as the reef was turned into a nursery during the month of October. Many were so tiny that you could bearly see what colors they were until you came face to face w/ a protective mama fish! I found a mascot on Sunday that rode in my palm for much of the dive. He was a tiny little hermit crab with a pretty little shell, no bigger than an inch! I named him Herby II after a hermit crab Er and I had as kids. One day I hope to have a camera that can capture the magnificent beauty under the sea for y'all landlubbers to see!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Denver Deja Vu

Who would have guessed that I would be returning to the mile high city once again this year? (Mandy, the above pun was intended for you=;) With the Celebrate Life Banquet just hours behind us, Mandy, Stella, Nicki, Anndrea and I loaded up in the Paris family van and headed off to DFW. Just to be on the safe side, I decided to double check our flight departure time and found out that our plane had been delayed TWO hours!!! Thankfully we had already arrived in Dallas and so we were able to make good use of this time by dining at the closest Bennigans.
Nic, Stella and I shared a room--which was a trip for poor Stella, I'm sure! We did have a break on Friday afternoon so I loaded up our PHAT rent-a-ride and took the gals to shoppe and dine on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO. Saturday I met my sweet friend Melissa and the girls in her fam for a coffee break in downtown. She looks amazing (as always) so thrilled to hear they are expecting a second BOY--I know he will be as wonderful as Carson (the baby boy who makes me think it will be okay if God gives us a boy 1st---NO that is not an announcement!) Friday night I took Stella on a crazy adventure to find Gellato on the street trolley then had a party in our room with all the gals. Sunday we were up and at 'em early to fly home and see our families.
Our trip was chock FULL morning 'til night, but we came home encouraged with some wonderful ideas rattling around in our tired brains.
pix will be up later, but this post has been in draft mode for almost a month now!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How does a BEAR get stomped by a frog?

Aren't we cute? All five 'wheeler kids' briefly gather at the 1st BU football game of '06 season! Our 'baby' Cam is freshman (for all you math majors, that means i was a freshman NINE years ago!) and Clay is already a junior. While the Bears couldn't quite pull it off this game, Josh and I had fun seeing some fellow alums around the stadium.

Labor Day was blissfully quiet at our house (except Samson's vicious game of bark-tag w/ his bone). We slept in, cleaned up around the house and i even made dinner (straight from Bertolli's kitchen to mine)! I heart days off!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here come the brides...

It was a summer of Care Net Weddings...

July-Colorado: Josh and I share our 2 year anniversary cake at the Baldpate Inn in the Tree Top Cottage in Estes Park. The photoshoot got a little out of control with all of Josh's giggling--this was actually one of the better pix! The cake was an amzing organic carrot cake, that took us the whole weekend to eat the 8" round!

July 22nd-Colorado: Summers' gorgeous mountain top wedding in Estes in front of the classic Stanley Hotel!

The Three Care Net Gals: Paige (Summer's roomie), Summers (the beautiful bride) and me (decked out in my Nordstorm's Rack find!)!

August 5th-Houston: Erin captured our friend Stephanie and her new hub David's first kiss!

Steph poses for a pix with Erin and I during the reception. We partied with the beautiful bride at the phat reception hall, then spent the rest of the weekend w/ our sweet friends Adam and Laura Watson in Houston.

August 26-Sherevport LA: Josh and I slide into Louisiana in time for the beautiful ceremony of my sweet friend Ashley (another fun kiss pix).

Ashley and I have been friends since her freshman year at Baylor when she began volunteering on the Tuesday Nite Crew. This sweet lady has been stretched and grown into a Godly woman during her college career and it was a privilege to see her join Jesse in a marriage covenant this past weekend.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Estes Park Pix, FINALLY!

our first peak into the park! can you smell that mountain air?
our 2nd day in the park enjoying the view of lilly lake.

good chipmunk!
BAD chipmunk=:(
ummm...i guess that's why the sign says not to feed the wildlife!
they just looked so cute and hungry for goldfish crackers! ooops!
here we are having a little pre-wedding fun! after riding a little red mountain gondola we are standing atop the peak you will see in the wedding pix. the collection of little white buildings w/ red roofs above my head is the Stanley Hotel--so glam and so far down there!

as you drive through the curvy town of estes park, you catch glimpses of this magnificent hotel, then all of the sudden there it is, tucked into the mountainside. what an amazing location for a wedding! we were blessed to spend two nights here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Estes Park here we come!

After saying goodbye to Cary, Melissa, Carson and the pups, we took a leisurely drive into the mountains. On our way to Estes, we did a little shopping, whole foods eating, and oogling of pine tree covered mountains and rushing rivers! Oh and the smell was intoxicating! I'd heard of fresh mountain air, but this was delicious!!! Josh reserved us a private cottage at the Baldpate Inn (pictures to come soon) and we had some home cookin' upon our arrival. Friday Josh hiked my legs off on a search from some elusive 'stream'---2 1/2 hours of hiking, not so much Kelly's idea of vacay. But then we found a super fun lake that we enjoyed taking pix around and climbed the little mountain behind it. There we encountered some chipmunk friends who hearted goldfish crackers!!! Again, only pix can do this justice! Okay--Summer's wedding will be featured in the next blog!
ps--i'm at MK conference right now, which started 2 days after we returned, so sorry to be so slow in bloggin' the trip of the summer!!!!!!!!!!!

A Sample of Denver Life

here is my sweet friend carson! we have just returned to the yocum's house (pictured on the right!) from feasting on some delish fish tacos. carson is ready for his nap and his mom (as you can see from the reaching arms and slightly concerned brows!)!

melissa and i trying not to look amazingly HOT @ the super fun Denver zoo!

josh and took a post-picnic hike to view a beautiful private golf course around the corner from the Yocum's house.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Colorado Adventures...Denver Edition

well, i was waiting to upload a few pix but my fans are getting restless! josh and i took a trip for our 2nd anniversary to colorado, which was a first for me since i'd only seen denver from the airport on our way to Kaui for our honeymoon. now i know what you snow bunnies are thinking--colorado in JULY??? but just wait til i get some pix up here for you to see--and the weather is INCREDIBLE! So we don't have to re-hash the week play by play, here are the highlights:
  • after a pretty toasty flight in from DFW, we were rewarded by a car rental up-grade to a flashy little suv (at this point we weren't considering gas mileage--just happy to be in a roomier vehicle!)
  • we spend the first night w/ the Yocum boys (as Melissa was away at a dad/daughter camp-out) and they introduced us to some delicious pizza as big as the table we were sitting at! oh, and i heart cannoli's: big thick, creamy, choco chippy goodness ---can i get a amen, clay?
  • they following day we hit some amazing sales:
    josh=jos a banks for a new spiffy suit
    kelly= norstrom's rack, anthropology, the broadway shoe store, etc!
  • on sunday we attended Solid Life church w/ the Yocum's and were able to enjoy worship and fellowship with Melissa' family--so good to hug their necks! the church is a small offshoot of a larger church in town, but has a dynamic worship service and is rapidly growing--so neat to find bro's and sis's in Christ everywhere!
  • we stuck w/ our "not anywhere we have in waco" restaurant rule and we hit the jackpot! we ate incredible food from gnocchi, fish tacos, mango talapia, buffalo burgers, lime chips and guac + more amazing (mostly chocolate) desserts --oh, denver is like food heaven!!!!!!!!!!
  • we attempted to visit the aqaruim in downtown one evening, but ended up shopping at the 16th street mall and eating--are you sensing a theme here?
  • melissa and cary were gracious hosts and we throughly enjoyed every minute of our visit w/ them. carson was SUCH a good baby---josh and i had fun playing with him all week. his personality is hilarious, from haming it up for the cameras and making a cute snorting noise when you ask, "what does a piggy make?" i died laughing every time!
  • we dropped carson off at his 'bella and poppi's' house and went to see You, Me and Dupree--quite funny! I did feel bad for the newlyweds however, but you will just have to see the movie to see how it turns out! owen wilson is CRAZY, but endearing as always!
  • we did make it to the denver zoo, however, and that was hysterical and i will have to refer you to melissa's blog for an update on that adventure:
  • after lunch at a local dig on Thursday we headed out to Estes Park for Summers wedding. and there are adventure will continue...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

on a whim...

so, i've been thinking about creating a blog for sometime now. while on vacay in colorado i decided, what the hay---so here it is, my very own blog. not sure what this will turn out to be, but for now I can keep friends and fam updated on my whereabouts, adventures, and don't be surprised if you get the urge to cha-cha because my life is a fiesta!