Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Estes Park here we come!

After saying goodbye to Cary, Melissa, Carson and the pups, we took a leisurely drive into the mountains. On our way to Estes, we did a little shopping, whole foods eating, and oogling of pine tree covered mountains and rushing rivers! Oh and the smell was intoxicating! I'd heard of fresh mountain air, but this was delicious!!! Josh reserved us a private cottage at the Baldpate Inn (pictures to come soon) and we had some home cookin' upon our arrival. Friday Josh hiked my legs off on a search from some elusive 'stream'---2 1/2 hours of hiking, not so much Kelly's idea of vacay. But then we found a super fun lake that we enjoyed taking pix around and climbed the little mountain behind it. There we encountered some chipmunk friends who hearted goldfish crackers!!! Again, only pix can do this justice! Okay--Summer's wedding will be featured in the next blog!
ps--i'm at MK conference right now, which started 2 days after we returned, so sorry to be so slow in bloggin' the trip of the summer!!!!!!!!!!!

A Sample of Denver Life

here is my sweet friend carson! we have just returned to the yocum's house (pictured on the right!) from feasting on some delish fish tacos. carson is ready for his nap and his mom (as you can see from the reaching arms and slightly concerned brows!)!

melissa and i trying not to look amazingly HOT @ the super fun Denver zoo!

josh and took a post-picnic hike to view a beautiful private golf course around the corner from the Yocum's house.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Colorado Adventures...Denver Edition

well, i was waiting to upload a few pix but my fans are getting restless! josh and i took a trip for our 2nd anniversary to colorado, which was a first for me since i'd only seen denver from the airport on our way to Kaui for our honeymoon. now i know what you snow bunnies are thinking--colorado in JULY??? but just wait til i get some pix up here for you to see--and the weather is INCREDIBLE! So we don't have to re-hash the week play by play, here are the highlights:
  • after a pretty toasty flight in from DFW, we were rewarded by a car rental up-grade to a flashy little suv (at this point we weren't considering gas mileage--just happy to be in a roomier vehicle!)
  • we spend the first night w/ the Yocum boys (as Melissa was away at a dad/daughter camp-out) and they introduced us to some delicious pizza as big as the table we were sitting at! oh, and i heart cannoli's: big thick, creamy, choco chippy goodness ---can i get a amen, clay?
  • they following day we hit some amazing sales:
    josh=jos a banks for a new spiffy suit
    kelly= norstrom's rack, anthropology, the broadway shoe store, etc!
  • on sunday we attended Solid Life church w/ the Yocum's and were able to enjoy worship and fellowship with Melissa' family--so good to hug their necks! the church is a small offshoot of a larger church in town, but has a dynamic worship service and is rapidly growing--so neat to find bro's and sis's in Christ everywhere!
  • we stuck w/ our "not anywhere we have in waco" restaurant rule and we hit the jackpot! we ate incredible food from gnocchi, fish tacos, mango talapia, buffalo burgers, lime chips and guac + more amazing (mostly chocolate) desserts --oh, denver is like food heaven!!!!!!!!!!
  • we attempted to visit the aqaruim in downtown one evening, but ended up shopping at the 16th street mall and eating--are you sensing a theme here?
  • melissa and cary were gracious hosts and we throughly enjoyed every minute of our visit w/ them. carson was SUCH a good baby---josh and i had fun playing with him all week. his personality is hilarious, from haming it up for the cameras and making a cute snorting noise when you ask, "what does a piggy make?" i died laughing every time!
  • we dropped carson off at his 'bella and poppi's' house and went to see You, Me and Dupree--quite funny! I did feel bad for the newlyweds however, but you will just have to see the movie to see how it turns out! owen wilson is CRAZY, but endearing as always!
  • we did make it to the denver zoo, however, and that was hysterical and i will have to refer you to melissa's blog for an update on that adventure: www.yocumfamily.blogspot.com
  • after lunch at a local dig on Thursday we headed out to Estes Park for Summers wedding. and there are adventure will continue...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

on a whim...

so, i've been thinking about creating a blog for sometime now. while on vacay in colorado i decided, what the hay---so here it is, my very own blog. not sure what this will turn out to be, but for now I can keep friends and fam updated on my whereabouts, adventures, and don't be surprised if you get the urge to cha-cha because my life is a fiesta!