Friday, July 31, 2009

Join Team Patriot!

the invites were sent...
the team jersey's were hung...
the cake & cookies arrived...
and so many tots came to make our party complete!
now, why has it taken me 2 months to blog about it? in the event that i get my blog downloaded and bound like the nickster...this is the summer that will throw everyone off! i tried to use our broken camera (he took a kamikaze leap towards the pavement at pst's party) as my excuse, but really i made the collage, see below, using some of kimberly's amazing talent and have the rest of the party pix saved to my laptop.
so was i recovering from cleaning/organizing our house (a continuous process for me!), writing thank-yous for all of the great gifts (settle down everyone who is thinking 'where's MY thank-you note?'. check your mail tomorrow, i'm trying to squeak in under the 2 month ettiquite guideline), or just overwhelmed at the sheer number of fabulous pix to post? hmmm...we may never know.

however, now that my laptop is back in tip-top shape (thanks jolly jon!), i pledge to post some pix this weekend. to satisfy all you bloggers who have threatened to CUT me. i mean, for all of my amazing blogger friends who have showed their encouragement and support during this bUsY season of our lives:0)
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Farewell, Autumn...

my sweet friend autumn, the firey red-head pictured above, will be leaving us waco gals soon for greener pastures....literally. at least i'm pretty sure they farm in ohio...maybe not, but what else would they do? okay the word friend doesn't do our relationship justice: autumn has been a more than a causal friend, she has been my small group leader, prayer warrior, and encourager.
while we never 'need' an excuse to party, i always enjoy an excuse to eat a good crumpler cake! this was a cecile original (aren't they all?) made w/ mini cupcakes and LOADS of her famous icing...yummy. she wows me everytime!
i realize that some of y'all didn't like the 'curvy pic' but let's be honest here,
i look cute, so it made it to my blog:)
let's list ya in order:
angela, laura, me, autumn, claire, kylie, adrielle, marsha, and heather (dona, not pictured) was off galavanting around in miami, but we will give her cred anyway:)

autumn, you and your precious family will be missed around here, so don't stay away tooooo long. mondays won't be the same without you!
love you, friend!

p.s. props to kylie for getting us these pix on the SAME night as the event, the DAY before she left for AFRICA for 2 weeks!
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