Thursday, January 31, 2008

I SOLD mine!

Okay, the title's a bit of a misnomer, but I've been waiting for nearly a year to say that about the condo! Technically the Tetens sold the condo today thru our awesome realtor Ginny Davis:)

Thanks to all of you who have lifted up the sale of the condo this week. It took a few extra days to finalize everything, but we were notified by the title company around lunch-time today that the new owners came in and signed the paperwork (my in-laws signed in advance and overnighted their paperwork). After it being 'officially' on the market 8 months (Patriot was born 8 months ago today , crazy huh:) God finally brought the buyer in His time, and with His sense of humor the guy that bought it is starting BU Law on Monday! I can still hardly believe it. After months of prayer that the Lord so clearly answered this one. May you be encouraged:)

BTW--one of my big blogging hang-ups has been wanting a pic with every post, BUT my friend angela reminded me tonight that while pix are fun, they are keeping me from posting on a more regular basis. so above is my first picture-less post; enjoy!

Monday, January 28, 2008

First Tooth...or should I say teeth?

For MONTHS I have been writing off any fussiness with Patriot or hiccup in schedule to 'teething'. Seriously, since he was about 3 1/2 or 4 months old he exhibited all of the classic teething signs from crazy drooling and rubbing everything on his gums for days at a time. Some say Patriot has a little flair for the dramatic (like his mom?) so my guess is he has been setting the stage for this momentous event for quite a while.
It all went down 3 weeks ago tonight (1/7/08). That Monday night Patriot had a weird crying fit that ended in bleeding gums. All we can figure is that he bumped his sore gums with a toy or had a little blood blister that popped as his teeth were on their way up to break the gum line. I checked for a tooth at that point, but nothing yet. So, the next morning I dropped him off for his weekly visit to Mother's Day Out. He smiled and blew me a razzberry as I left, seemingly well adjusted. About an hour later I realized I missed a call on my cell, but before I can check the message, the same # calls again. Suddenly I'm speaking directly with the Mother's Day Out Coordinator, who says they have been trying to calm Patriot down for the entire time I've been gone and nothing is working. Thoughts flood my mind as I rush (safely drive, I mean, mom:) to the church. Is he sick? Is he hurt? I wish he could talk! Did I eat something that didn't agree with him? AHHHHH!!!

By the time I arrived Patriot was at the point of just shuddering and looking bleary eyed, but was no longer crying. As soon as his teacher handed him over, he immediately looked relieved and began trying to use my hand as a teething toy (better than anything we can buy in stores and sometimes just as sanitary!). Ouch! I looked down to see what had so sharply poked me and realized that Patriot bit me with his first tooth!!! After a more thorough inspection I confirmed to his much relieved teachers that his bottom middle tooth on the right side had popped thru. Moments later he was once again blowing razzberries, but I decided we had enough excitement for one day and we headed home.

That afternoon he took a three hour nap, whew! Then the process started over again as the second bottom tooth (left side) began it's accent and popped thru the gum line on Wednesday morning. It was very difficult to get a picture of these two gems at first, but now he proudly shows them off:)
PS. i normally don't post pix of my kid in freshly spit-up upon clothes, but the teeth shot outweighed cleanliness this time! this was the best out of the shoot!

Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year, New Post--shocking, i know:)

okay my friends,

it has been quite some time since you have seen or heard from us on the web, but now i'm back! i won't promise to blog daily or anything but at least more often than the last gap. our life has been crazy lately (as have most of your lives, i'm sure:)

somehow the computer and patriot are on opposite schedules. our son loves to sleep-in (after his first morning feed), therefore he up late into the evening. the computer goes to work with josh and returns at various times in the evening. as sidenote, patriot has made a rare appearance in his bed before 10:30, thus leaving me with a few minutes for blogging.

i have all kinds of adventures to share, and the longer i wait to blog, the more adventures we have. i think this might be part of the problem. when i do have a moment on the computer, i think i have to fill everyone in on everything! so, unfortunately you will not be caught up on the last 3+ months play by play, but i will put up some fun pix for you to see what we have been up to in the next post.
see you soon!
*the above pic is an example of what happens when your parents get ahold of your camera and your son. napkin wearing (or in this case cute burpcloth wearing) runs in our family.