Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Denver Deja Vu

Who would have guessed that I would be returning to the mile high city once again this year? (Mandy, the above pun was intended for you=;) With the Celebrate Life Banquet just hours behind us, Mandy, Stella, Nicki, Anndrea and I loaded up in the Paris family van and headed off to DFW. Just to be on the safe side, I decided to double check our flight departure time and found out that our plane had been delayed TWO hours!!! Thankfully we had already arrived in Dallas and so we were able to make good use of this time by dining at the closest Bennigans.
Nic, Stella and I shared a room--which was a trip for poor Stella, I'm sure! We did have a break on Friday afternoon so I loaded up our PHAT rent-a-ride and took the gals to shoppe and dine on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO. Saturday I met my sweet friend Melissa and the girls in her fam for a coffee break in downtown. She looks amazing (as always) so thrilled to hear they are expecting a second BOY--I know he will be as wonderful as Carson (the baby boy who makes me think it will be okay if God gives us a boy 1st---NO that is not an announcement!) Friday night I took Stella on a crazy adventure to find Gellato on the street trolley then had a party in our room with all the gals. Sunday we were up and at 'em early to fly home and see our families.
Our trip was chock FULL morning 'til night, but we came home encouraged with some wonderful ideas rattling around in our tired brains.
pix will be up later, but this post has been in draft mode for almost a month now!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How does a BEAR get stomped by a frog?

Aren't we cute? All five 'wheeler kids' briefly gather at the 1st BU football game of '06 season! Our 'baby' Cam is freshman (for all you math majors, that means i was a freshman NINE years ago!) and Clay is already a junior. While the Bears couldn't quite pull it off this game, Josh and I had fun seeing some fellow alums around the stadium.

Labor Day was blissfully quiet at our house (except Samson's vicious game of bark-tag w/ his bone). We slept in, cleaned up around the house and i even made dinner (straight from Bertolli's kitchen to mine)! I heart days off!!!