Saturday, November 29, 2008

happy thanksgiving, my 17 month old!

this year my parents hosted thanksgiving dinner in plano. we are so thankful that our families live close enough to celebrate the holidays together:) my in-laws and aunt di came over for yummy dishes and good company.
i can't believe how much patriot has changed in the last year. even in the past month it seems he has grown up so much. more words (he likes to say 'okay.' at the end of every request), more independence (wants to walk into his bedroom by himself when we are ready to change a diaper!), fine motor skills improving (enjoys twisting the caps of things off and on--from milk cartons to toothpaste:). he amazes me daily.
here are some fun shots from yesterday:
not so sure he wants to pose w/ mom or aunt eeee.

my cousin nic gave patriot this super cute janie & jack outfit that was perfect for the day's festivities! here is the only pic i have w/ the cutie suspenders on his shoulders.

he spent the rest of the day with them draped down his back, all causal like:) here he is trying to escape from dad and i's human blockade.

look closely: don't you just love baby toes?

playin' with papa & noni

papa was so happy to be able to play with his great-grand baby on thanksgiving. he LOVES making him laugh.

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happy birthday reese:)

reese technically arrived a week ago today, friday 11/21, but it has taken me this long to post these cutie pix:) click on nicksterland to see all the stats. after an amazingly fast labor/delivery, the wilson's were up for vistors. isn't her sign from mimi adorable?

on saturday, erin came w/ mom & i to visit reese. don't know why we don't have a pic w/ mom holding her, 'cause you know noni was all over holding a GIRL baby. i made it part of her birthday celebration. even though they are a day apart (i went back to visit reese on saturday and took mom & erin, though of course i had to stop by for a quick hi on friday afternoon:)

patriot hasn't met her yet due to his nap coinciding with this visit and then coming down w/ a terrible ear infection that took us thru thanksgiving in plano! but soon, he will get to meet the baby, baby, baby--and he will furiously sign baby, while saying it. to add emphasis, i'm sure!

nic looked amazing, as did the baby of the hour, miss reese elaine wilson. i heart her headband and can't wait see what this little one will grow to be like!
happy birthday, reese!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sic 'em ESPN

at a game time perfect for tots (3pm on Tuesday) ESPN decided to televise the Bears vs. Centenary. oh, did i mention that tickets were only $3?!? Awesome. so we brought the crew:
Crater & Pate held up the cute sign Kimberly made:)i'm sure she got a better one of the two, but Creighton was DONE holding the sign, so pst posed for a shot:)

we think, as in are pretty sure, this is patriot's first live Bball game! he was a super baylor fan in his grover apparel and loved aaaaaaa sic'em bears.

the game was fast paced and we tried to capture his excitement, but he was often to distracted by the bears to pose.
across the stadium were the tristan, sawyer, creighton & families. (can you find reese in the pic? she is due for arrival ANY DAY NOW:) we visited for a few minutes, but patriot only wanted to climb stairs, so back we went to find aunt eeee and sit w/dada.

well, the final score was an amazing 90-55---aaaaa sic'em bears:)
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

playdough palooza

this weekend aunt eeee & patriot dove head first into patriot's debut cooking experience. what does a tiny tot cook, you may ask? pumpkin-colored playdough! enjoy the photoshoot, and if you need the recipe go to

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote 4 My Better Tomorrow:)

on friday, patriot assisted me in casting my vote for president. he even has the sticker to prove it!

at first i was gonna go by myself while he was in mothers' day out, but rose & i found some interesting info for our radio show that changed my mind. i believe the verse, 'train up a child in the way they should grow and when they grow old, they will not depart from it." rings true here. a national study says that a parental voting is the surest predictor of whether or not a young adult decides to vote. also, they are twice as likely to vote themselves if their parents vote regularly. it is important to me to teach this civic duty by action as well as words, so off to the polls we went!

i'm sure it's no big suprise who we voted for:0)

okay, if you haven't already, run on out and vote tomorrow, November 4th!
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