Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tristan's #2 buck-a-roo party videos

here are some videos from tristan's 2nd birthday buck-a-roo party held on valentine's day (tristan's actually birthday)!

while patriot wasn't too excited about riding the pony at the made for some super cute video and he requests to watch these clips he calls 'horsey, horsey' almost daily!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tristan's playgroup b-day paaaar-tay:)

our little mug, tristan michael wilson, turned 2 in a big way on Valentine's Day and i'm sorry it took me for...ev....errrr to get them up on the blog. noni and lita---this one's for you!

tristan, aka mom's little love bandit, celebrated in playgroup style at the polnick's casa on the thursday before his BIG party. tune into nic or kimberly's blog for a more detailed description of that fun day!
ok--i had this wonderful plan to take a super cute pic of pst and turn it into a beautiful card to send to his grandparents, but patriot had other thoughts about having his mug shot! he sure has a cute profile though, huh?

a cute face, but really shows the uncertainty of creighton's driving skills!
is this a glimpse of the future?

aren't reese's baby blues AMAZING? yeah, she'll break some hearts like her mama, i'll bet;)
this one is majorly cropped: i thought i'd use kimberly's cute bench and brick set up out front and have pt pose with his little red bag full of valentines from his buddies, but alas...NO eye contact with the camera!!!!!!!!

that little smirk says it all!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

mama's little love muffin

this week patriot had 3 valentine's day parties to attend, 3 days in a row: mother's day out, story time at the library, and playgroup. while i didn't get any picks of tuesday's party at 'school', i'm SURE ms. olga & ms. rosalie (rosie) did! in the above picture patriot is 'posing' for kimberly & i with a choco chip muffie (that's what he calls 'em:) made by moi in the shape of lips, yep, he chose THAT one!
bubble time is his FAVORITE thing about going to the library, or at least my favorite thing to watch him do at the library:) for valentine's day i bought him his very own bubble gun to use at the house. now, this may take away some of the glamour of story time, but it does save josh & i heck of a lot of blowing soapy bubble wands;)

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here is a cute one of crater-bug! he joined us for the party, along with ella & the merritt twins. can you tell he's been asked to pose for pictures a time or two? we love our friends in playgroup and the other mommies help keep me sane. i'm not sure what i would do without these precious friends in my life. nic took some cute pix of our mom's night out from earlier this month--check out her blog to see pix of all the mommies that are usually behind the cameras!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

after a busy day at lita & big pop's house...

as you know, grandparents get creative when it comes to finding ways to see their grandbabies, but sometimes the great-grandparents get into the act! great pop (larka's dad) asked us to visit arlington this weekend to hang out with his cousin Erma and part of her family who are in town from arkansas and houston for a mini-reunion.
this morning we took patriot to the Ft. Worth Zoo (his inaugural visit:) and by the look on his face on the way to the car, i felt SURE he crash in the car. nope. after a second lunch at the tetens? nope. after nap-time routine, repeated from the car, again by josh in the bedroom? nope. after 'resting' in his crib for 45min? nope. a diaper change? nope. more songs, rocking, basketball, a walk, football? nope, NOPE, nope...etc.
but when we sat him down for him down for dinner at 6:15pm---VOILA! (see the above video clip taken by larka's cousin vicki for details!)
did i mention that he was up singing and talk in his crib (in our shared room at the tetens') at 7am and went straight thru to dinner without batting an eye? i would like to tell you that he went down easy as pie tonight after this video was shot and we haven't heard a peep all night, but that would be a fairy-tale, not real world parenthood, wouldn't it?;)

ps--i think we got a couple cute zoo pix BUT they are in the camera in the room where pt is sleeping (for the moment) so for now you will have to make due with the video:)