Monday, February 04, 2008

my 8 month old!

1~31~08 I cannot believe we have had Patriot out of the belle for EIGHT months! Everyday, it seems, he learns something new, which is amazing to watch as a parent. Indescribable is my love for our sweet Patriot Shane.

This past month he is loving:

  • sitting up by himself and reeeeeeaching for his toys

  • scooting and rocking when he works himself down from the prefered sitting position

  • blowing razzberries (though not so much at meal time anymore, whew!),

  • his teeth: which are his newest accessories and double as toy for his tongue

  • flashing us with his dazzling smile that melts hearts all over Texas

  • bathtime is FINALLY fun for all envolved

  • stage TWO peaches, pineapples, oranges & green beans (all pureed of course!)

  • saying HiiiiiDada or Da Dee (i promise it sounds just like that, and the child annunciates!) when he sees Josh or something exciting

  • bouncing around in his exersaucer like popcorn

  • making the big move into size 3 diapers (officially happened the end of our Mexico trip)

Thing he is hatin' on:

  • going down for bedtime or naptime by himself (usually, i will add:)
  • laying on his back while his diaper is being changed. why not on his tummy? he says!
  • shoes; okay, he's not hating on these, he would just rather eat them then wear them
  • 3-6 months clothes are on their last legs at our house.