Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here come the brides...

It was a summer of Care Net Weddings...

July-Colorado: Josh and I share our 2 year anniversary cake at the Baldpate Inn in the Tree Top Cottage in Estes Park. The photoshoot got a little out of control with all of Josh's giggling--this was actually one of the better pix! The cake was an amzing organic carrot cake, that took us the whole weekend to eat the 8" round!

July 22nd-Colorado: Summers' gorgeous mountain top wedding in Estes in front of the classic Stanley Hotel!

The Three Care Net Gals: Paige (Summer's roomie), Summers (the beautiful bride) and me (decked out in my Nordstorm's Rack find!)!

August 5th-Houston: Erin captured our friend Stephanie and her new hub David's first kiss!

Steph poses for a pix with Erin and I during the reception. We partied with the beautiful bride at the phat reception hall, then spent the rest of the weekend w/ our sweet friends Adam and Laura Watson in Houston.

August 26-Sherevport LA: Josh and I slide into Louisiana in time for the beautiful ceremony of my sweet friend Ashley (another fun kiss pix).

Ashley and I have been friends since her freshman year at Baylor when she began volunteering on the Tuesday Nite Crew. This sweet lady has been stretched and grown into a Godly woman during her college career and it was a privilege to see her join Jesse in a marriage covenant this past weekend.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Estes Park Pix, FINALLY!

our first peak into the park! can you smell that mountain air?
our 2nd day in the park enjoying the view of lilly lake.

good chipmunk!
BAD chipmunk=:(
ummm...i guess that's why the sign says not to feed the wildlife!
they just looked so cute and hungry for goldfish crackers! ooops!
here we are having a little pre-wedding fun! after riding a little red mountain gondola we are standing atop the peak you will see in the wedding pix. the collection of little white buildings w/ red roofs above my head is the Stanley Hotel--so glam and so far down there!

as you drive through the curvy town of estes park, you catch glimpses of this magnificent hotel, then all of the sudden there it is, tucked into the mountainside. what an amazing location for a wedding! we were blessed to spend two nights here.