Saturday, August 23, 2008

What do you feed a boy with all 4 molars?

Meat & Potatoes
(well, in our case beef brisket & sweet potatoes:)
you will notice the tray is pretty full (though i did have to reload the meat & sweet potatoes 3 times, as soon as they cooled to my liking)
so focused. he would eat the brisket as soon as it touched his tray.

he cleared it the tray and then asked for "moh" (or more, if you don't speak patriot:) what a little ham!

don't be scared of the following attempts to capture the tooth on film:
On Friday 8/22/08, Patriot ended up with his last molar (from the one-year set) & his bottom right tooth (next to the bottom two) popping through.

he thought i was a riot for trying to take pix of the new tooth (didn't even attempt the molar!) for the grandparents. why do they always want proof of these things?
okay, the following pic has nothing to do with teeth, it was just funny:
after much effort and debate, patriot has lobbied to take possession of Samson's baby blue dog collar (our puppy from before pst was born). yesterday, he crawled and cruised all over the house 'wearing' sam's collar as his bracelet. it was too funny! he LOVES to unload his diaperbag all over the kitchen floor in search of treasure: this time he found some juice snacks. he raised them up to me and asked "moh?" just as i snapped this pic. thankfully it was snack/milk time, so off we went to the living room--his pirated juice snacks in tow:)
FIRST STEPS--Saturday August 23, 2008
Much to the dismay of the grandparents, we do not have any action shots yet, BUT Josh & I were both there to witness his first unassisted steps!
It was a lazy saturday afternoon at our house (especially for me 'cause Josh let me take a nap after I fed pst this am:) and we were hangin' out in our living room watching the Olympics on TV when it happened.
As a side note: Patriot has been standing up from a seated position for a couple of weeks, usually holding a small toy or other object in his hand to keep his balance (a mental thing, i guess?) He had been pulling up forever, it seems, but this standing from a seated or sometimes tripod position is new, and seemed to be one step closer to walking. We have tried to get him to walk from one parent to the other, but he just laughs and sits down, if he can't reach out and touch your fingers. He loves to 'walk' holding onto our just our pointer fingers. He holds himself up and propels himself forward with seemingly little effort. Just not brave enough to try it alone, until today.
Back to this afternoon: so when he stood up in front of Josh today he reached out his arms and said, "Come here. Come to me, bubba!" Patriot's little face lit up and he took TWO steps forward and lunged into Josh's arms--Sooooo precious! We tried to get him to walk to me. Nothing. Back to Josh? No way. Just smiled at all of our futile attempts as he stood, then collapsed, laughing all the way to the floor.
Josh looked at me and said, "So is this official?" And I agreed. Yep, this milestone will forever be Patriot's first steps!

After 24 hours of craziness, milestones, and photoshoots, patriot hid behind the chair that is supposed to keep him out of the front hall and gave one last glimpse of that new pearly white.

my baby is quickly growing up...sniff...sniff...weakly smile...yea!

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riot & shi shi

okay, i realize these are not the best quality pix i've ever posted of my son (and our poor dog), however, i couldn't resist snapping a few. patriot has become obsessed with shiloh's hideout, a.k.a. our bed.
while i was changing our sheets this week, shi snuck up on the bed and riot was desperate to join him.

first shi is nervous and riot isn't sure he is allowed to be up on the bed...

but, after a second, shi rolls over and patriot begins to gently pet his tummy (to my urgent, gentle, GENTLE) so pleased with himself:)

this was too cute not to post, but again a little on the blurry side as it was a momentary rest for patriot!

he looked SO cute that i had to sneak in one more shot of him!
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Celebrations & Congratulations:)

It was a week full of fun events from birthdays & baby showers to Baylor graduation (whoo hoo clay:)

i think the slideshow is MUCH better bigger, so click on the link (left, bottom) to open my web-album in a new window and view it that way. if you have to, watch it little. just a strongly worded suggestion:)

Aunt Eeee really wanted to take Patriot to the zoo for her birthday. So, hot as the Texas summer is in August (101 that day?), off we went to Cameron Park Zoo. We did get some great pix, so it was a win, win, win situation.

(okay--that slideshow took it out of me. i will have to blog about the rest of our adventures later:)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sweet kisses

Open-mouthed: This has to be the best kind kind of kiss: wet, full-contact, & straight out the bath in his elephant towel.
Don't be alarmed--my dad and Patriot aren't tying to eat each other, it only appears that way on camera! Noni takes her kisses with a little less flair than Grandpa Greg;0)

I think I took about 8 pictures to capture ONE with the ele on his head--this boy does NoT like hoods, hats, or anything touching his beloved hair for more than 1/2 a second!
Patriot has some fun tricks these days and usually enjoys sharing them with others. He can give a kiss, wave/say bye-bye, turn on/off light switches, & place his sippy cup back on the highchair tray after dangling it overboard, just to name a few. Each one takes a little gentle prompting, but the kiss, the current family fave, is definately worth it:)
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Life Well Lived

So unexpected. This thought popped into my mind as I spoke with my dear friend Haley (wife of Stephen & mother of Isla) two weeks ago as she told me her father-in-law, Dr. Mark, had a stroke on the beach while on vacation in Cape Cod and is in a coma. So unexpected. While his family circles around him in his hospital bed, praying, singing, encouraging one another, the decision has to be made. The doctors confirm Dr. Mark is in a deep coma and the stroke happened in the wake-up center of the brain...Dr. Mark is not going to wake up. So unexpected. The flood of letters via blog, phone calls and prayers from around the world celebrating his life as Dr. Mark wakes up in heaven early Saturday morning, July 26th. So unexpected. E, Josh & I attended his memorial service at FBC McKinney this past Saturday...a short week after his passing from this life to the next. The legacy of Dr. Mark lives on in a mighty way through the lives of his 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Hearing the unique testimony of each one of his children shows that this man lived the life of a good & faithful servant. Meet anyone of the Presleys, or scan a post on their blog (sonofwhale) and you will find that the heart of this man closely echos the God he faithfully served for 62 years...not so unexpected.