Wednesday, April 30, 2008

my 10 month old- (for one more night:)



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okay--that was my first pix transfer from picasa and now i'm not sure how to label my pix...hmmm.

well, i will try to post the next slide show tomorrow, but since patriot will be 11 months old tomorrow (i can bearly type that, let alone SAY it aloud) i'd better do a little posting!
my precious son,

this month you:
*learned to L-O-V-E cheerios! you eat them at virtually every meal.
*perfected your party tricks (bear growl, clapping cued by 'yea', and GOAL!)
*signed BACK to me MORE and ALL DONE (my fave) but no longer sign MILK (was so cute!)
*learned to wave bye-bye with word cues
*said ma-ma (it started last wed 4/23 and you faithfully said it all weekend for everyone to hear:)
*tried the 'real' form of many of your fave foods from sweet potatoes, apples, all types of breakfast foods.
*started eating breakfast (ummm...i hope your pediatrician doesn't read our blog;)
*found out many of your friends are going to be big brothers and sisters (congrats to the gals who kicked off round #2 in playgroup)
*officially fit into your 9 month clothing:)
*still HEART nursing, though we are down to 3 feedings a day.
*said good-bye to your one of your best baby friends, colin--but don't worry, we are already planning a family trip to DC together for the fall!

i love you little man, more than this blog could ever say. each day with you is a gift and i wouldn't trade it for the world.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adios, Cochran Family :(

SO sad to see you go today. our last trip to the zoo, our last run thru bush's for chicken and root beer, and our last playdate for the boys (ok, mostly for us:) i know florida will be thrilled to welcome you to their beachy state, but texas (especially waco) is sad to see you go so suddenly. patriot and i will greatly miss our zoo buddies and will have to find many excuses to visit over the coming years. so rare to find family friends such as y'all. this is me trying to be excited for it working?

miss you already:(

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Best Of Easter 2008

ok, don't know why this is so tiny, but if you hover on the left side at the bottom, you can click on the album name (Easter Slides O8) which takes you to bigger pix. select "slideshow" once you get to the new page of picasa to see my babe full-screen! mom, you can even order prints, if you like.


ps--this 2 hour labor of love was for you nic, melis, and noni!