Friday, August 24, 2007

Elvis and giggles!


A couple of weeks ago my brother Clay donned some Elvis gear for a little gig at the Elite Cafe. I finally snagged the pix from my mom's cam when she was in town this week. Pate liked the King's sparkly apparel and wasn't fooled by his uncle's disguise!

Bumbo Bumbo!

We LOVE our Bumbo Seat! This was Patriot's first day to try out his new perch and Noni captured this cutie pose:) Mom (aka Noni) has been such a help these past few months. Pate loves to cuddle and sleep on his Noni so I can get some things done around the house and run some much needed errands. Hurray for grand- moms!

This pic is becoming a favorite on computer wallpapers across the state:) We've finally started capturing the dimple--isn't he handsome?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

my two month old!

Patriot officially became 2 months old on Tuesday July 31st, however life has been a little crazy lately so this post is a bit of a catch up!

Road Trip

Patriot and I took our first solo (duo?) road trip to Plano on the 24th to see some MK and college friends. It was quite an adventure as we attended an fun fiesta dinner at MaryKay corporate, lunched with my college roomie Haley, attended a bit of MK seminar in downtown, and hung out with the fam.

Everything takes longer and seems to pose new challanges with a baby. Whether that is getting ready for an event or trying to stay sane at one! By the time P and I arrived for the tour of MK corporate offices, he decided he was starving again. The sweet mk staff showed us a private tour of the offices as they led us to the specially designed "Mother's Room" for nursing. I was able to snap a pic of the happy camper before we attended the dinner. My sweet dad occupied him while I enjoyed fellowshipping with my sister consultants at the yummy fiesta dinner.

The Blow-out--The next day we met Hales for lunch at the fabulous lucheon spot Breadwinners. Pate woke up fussy right after our lunch arrived, so we decided to take turns holding him. Unfortunately, my adorable son decided to have a HUGE diaper blow-out in Haley's arms :( I mean a costume change worthy event with screams to boot! She was definately a good sport, but Pate and I had to make a quick exit to the bathroom. I walk in the ladies room and it doesn't take long to figure out there is no where to change my child, not even a countertop or chair! By the time i finish my 360, a mom and her two daughters enter the bathroon, blocking my exit. She instantly sizes up the situation and says, "Here's what we are going to do: I will hold him in my arms while you clean him up and change him. Does he take a pacifier?" (Oh yeah, did i forget to mention that i cannot find either of the two pacifiers i know we left plano with? I've already been out to the car and torn apart my diaper bag--more on that later...) I sheepishly admit that I don't have one with me, as my child's screams get louder. She says, "Well, that would have been helpful about now, but let's get started!" So, picture me, changing my child in mid-air on a stranger while her two adorable children pepper us with questions and Pate loudly protests. I'm tired remembering it all! Since I don't have paci, she suggests that I nurse him when i return to the table, well really it was more expectation than a suggestion! I hadn't planned on nursing him, since it's still quite a 30 minute an ordeal, but I decide to do an abrivated version instead. Our table was somewhat secluded, but it was still bit odd to be breastfeeding in public among the business men and women having lunch meetings! Funny, if I had whipped out a bottle to feed him no one would have batted an eyelash. Why is breastfeeding so strange in our culture these days?

Two Month Check Up:

Monday the 30th was shot day and new reflux meds day. He weighted in at almost 9 lbs and 21 inches, so thankfully he is growing, slowly but surely. We asked Dr. B about switching to Previcid he agreed that we should try it for the next month to see if we notice a difference. So far I've noticed a lot less choking and gagging, but some of the tummy troubles are still evident.

Thanks to all of our friends and family who have checked in on us, provided meals, and cuddled with our son for the first 2 crazy months of his life:)