Monday, March 30, 2009

to my handsome 21 month old...

i really think you get better looking every month! you still turn heads at the store, at restaurants, and at the park as you sweetly say "hello" a flash a grin at complete strangers! but when mama asks you to say goodbye--it usually requires a little coxing! but of course you blow some kisses their way and their hearts melt all over again!

this month it has been fun to listen and watch the new games you play in your crib when you wake up in the morning and at nap. you love to sing to yourself, list off all the people you know and my fave is put your sic'em bears to sleep with a 'tu la tu la' song' while you pat his back! you play 'tackle', 'catch' and MAN do you have an arm! you can spiral a football, score 2pts with any basketball within your reach, and hurl any piece of food you are 'ah done' with! noni says she's grooming a quarterback, and i still wonder where you got your sports gene:)
daddy and i have SO much fun playing with you and can't believe how quickly you learn new words and concepts. you pretend to count things at the store "twoooo...freee....five....twoooo", have figured out how to get the things you are after "peez mama? tank you, mama!", and love to imitate our big people phrases with such amazing comedic timing "oh. my. gosh."
you have even started initiating a game we have played with you forever by asking us this week "where is daddy?....THERE he is! where is pay-chit (that's the new way you say your name)?...there he is!" complete with hiding behind your fingers then laughing with your eyes when you reveal yourself!
your favorite person in the world is your daddy with shy-shy a close second. you constantly ask their whereabouts thru out the day! many mornings i wake up to hear you 'kissing the air' repeatedly to call shy-shy to your bedroom. you love for him to read books with you and follow him all around the backyard. speaking of the backyard as long as it wasn't pouring rain, you and your dad have been spending time outside each evening and on the weekends doing manly projects. you have a few battle scars (that are healing nicely!) to show for your work as well a budding garden. you LOVE to be outside and are constantly in motion.

at nap time you still let me read you a story and rock you to sleep while we sing a song (usually you request 'jesus', 'tu la' or 'booga' from me). i treasure this time cuddling together in your big blue rocker, but i know it won't be long before you are too big to want me to rock you anymore. just tonight you told your daddy "good nite, daddy" twice while he was singing lullaby's over you in your crib to signal you were ready to sleep on your own.

i love you my sweet son and i'm SO thankful that your mine!

love, mama
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

erin go bra...or is it braugh?

regardless...this one's for YOU aunt eee!

patriot shane is sporting a new, slightly smaller mo-hawk (now a faux-hawk again?)as a happy st. patty's day present to me:) i broke down and hauled him over to smarty pants salon today after mother's day out ended. for only having a 30 minute nap at 'school', patriot was quite the trooper as we waited over an hour to be seen as a walk-in. (apparently tuesdays at 3pm is a BAD time to drop in at kid's hair salon, or maybe 1/2 the kiddos in waco just needed a st. patrick's day trim!)

during our rush-hour photo shoot, he took it literally when we read his shirt to him (which is true, he is a smidge irish lad) and would purse his lips to blow us a kiss or run over and smooch josh:
SO adorable is this precious tot who is looking more and more like a little boy each day!

above is my FAVE shot, because he actually posed and SMILED on our 50th attempt to get a cute pic and NOT run into 5:00pm on-coming Colcord Ave traffic!
big & little denim clad tetens boys
always in motion, it was hard to capture pst's personality in one shot, so below is a collage for your viewing pleasure:

ps. erin, i ACTUALLY posted some pictures ON the day they were taken AND wrote a little something to go with them. i am, however, at least 3 posts behind and WILL be backdating those posts, because ' it's my blog and i'll lie if i want to, lie if i want to, LIE if i want would lie to if it happen to you! la la la la LA! and by lie, i mean document in the proper month, for future reference (and my own sanity) of course!
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