Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday to you, Patriot:)

Party pix:) pic

okay--i'm gonna post at least this ONE pic so it shows up on-line for all to see. i'm still working out all the picture kinks w/ the new computer. but, i decided i better get something up before i have to turn in my blog card:( or get shunned from the entire blogging community!

i L-O-V-E birthdays and our zoo party for pst was no exception! it was SO fun that it got to be held on his actual birthday (may 31st for all y'all keepin track). we invited over many friends and fam (adults and tots alike) to party like animals for Patriot's first big bash.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

destination mother's day!

okay, i realize this is backing up a bit, but between our may of mother's day travels and pst's 1st birthday, some things got put on hold!

we had the crazy idea of meeting in hillsboro for mother's day and having ALL immediate famiy members (tetens & wheelers) join us. to add to this crazyness, we decided to also go spend the night w/ each set of grandparents--in arlington & plano--the following two weekends. here are some great pix from the lonestar cafe:

above is the teten's clan: Great Pop, Big Pop, Lita, Aunt Shannon w/ Patriot & Daddy

and my 'rents: Grandpa Greg and Noni holding PST

(note: aunt eeee, uncle clay, and papa were there too but somehow didn't make the pix from this camera. shortly after this photo shoot, the it was discovered that the keys to our highlander were locked inside--but that's a story for another post:)