Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New York, New York!

What a whirlwind! Our weekend in upstate New York was simply to attend my cousin Nicole's wedding (which was held Saturday nite), but as you know we Italians have both pre and post wedding events that asked our attendance!
FRIDAY: When we arrived at my Aunt Sandy's house on Friday afternoon, there was gorgeous black Caddy LIMO waiting for us! We were wisked away to Lake Skaneateles(pronounced skinny-atlas) were we dined at a local hot-spot, then Erin and I joined up with gals in the bridal party at the famous Mirbeau Inn & Spa. Eventhough we didn't partake in the spa treatments, we basked by the fire and joined in the friendly banter. I instantly loved my cousin's two best friends Jill and Danielle and we always enjoy catching up with our cousin Jaime (who stood up as Nic's maid of honor). That evening we attended a rehersal dinner for my side of the family + Jeff, Nic's husband to be. All I can remember of that evening was eating one delish food right after another, for like 2 1/2 hours, non-stop. Oh, and cotton candy--i definitely remember the pink clouds of homemade fluffy delight! Apparently, it's the house specialty!!!
SATURDAY: After consuming food for half the town of Syracuse, Erin and I decided to walk off those extra calories at the local mall. While driving through town we had already glimsped the beloved letters H&M and we were ESTATIC about having a few hours to peruse the latest clothing trends from Europe. We were like kids in a candy store!!! I think we will start a petition to open one of these fabulous stores here in Texas. Why should the northern states get to have all the fun? When our shopping appetite had been fed, we were off to the wedding! When we arrived at the country club the finishing touches were being done to the reception hall and we escorted back to the bridal chambers. Nicole looked radiant and left to take some outside pix while there was still light in the sky with the lake in the background. Originally the plan was to do the wedding ceremony on the porch, but due to the 37 degree weather, we moved it inside to the dance floor and closed 'french doors' to the reception hall. The ceremony was short but sweet, then the couple was swept into a picture-taking frenzy! Since Erin and I had already scoped out our seats, we were free to roam about, catching up with cousins, aunts and uncles (some legal, some not!).

OKAY---i accidentally pushed publish instead of SAVE so, check back tomorrow so i can finish the blog and upload the pix!