Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter eggstravaganza 09

on easter eve
all through the house,
the wheelers were stirring,
while the tetens slept like a mouse!

(okay, you know how us wheelers, are---saving all the fun for the NIGHT BEFORE a big event!!!)
creating crumpler's cookies placecards,

hand-rolled pasta by eee

even, cam got into the easter spirit, dying eggs at 1am:)

the following day was full of smiles as we had our 2nd annual easter lunch at our house in waco! my fam came down from plano, joan, greg, & cam, and josh's fam came in from arlington, larka, garland, shannon & pop. eee lives down the street so she didn't have to go far! we wanted to throw in some additional fun by inviting over mike & kristin evans and their 2 year (almost!) old twins sam & georgia:)
we got done what we could the night before, then rushed home after a fabulous easter service at highland to put the finishing touches (and last dishes together!) for lunch. our sweet neighbors let us borrow their oven, so we were running around like little ants. in the end, we were able to enjoy friends and family while dining on delicious food and starting traditions for our kiddos. the Lord has blessed us with SO much that my heart overflows with thanks on the weekend that he gave US his son!

josh and patriot, so sweet in their easter blue!

1st easter day egg hunt: patriot had some practice at egg hunting over the past week, at school, at the park, so he was totally psyched to be hunting eggies in his own back yard (only rivaled by uncle cam, whose eggs were up high:)i should have taken a video so you could see how excited pst was about the little elmo in the eggs--so funny! he can sing the theme song, but i promise he doesn't watch it THAT often!!
kissing elmo--patrtiot's new love
well, j and i look cute, but pt was feeling the slide photo shoot! (what are the little red things in his hand, you may ask? little elmo(s)--who has been at his side or sidelined to watch (while things like brushing teeth takes place) ever since!

erin, me, josh, pst, mom, dad & cam
patriot, larka, me, pop, josh & shan
patriot (still kissing elmo!) with big pop and shi-shi on the back porch.
kristin, georgia, samuel, & michael evans--our sweet friends!
the three littles on my NEW birthday swing (thank-you, honey) that i got early so we could all enjoy it for easter weekend!
you can imagine trying to get the 7 of us to LOOK and SMILE at the camera---aaaah...2 year olds!
before he crashed for nap-time, he opened his easter basket (well, of course the only grandchild got his own basket from both sets of g-parents! so josh and i gave him a big dump truck to push around the house filled with a couple more elmo goodies:) i chose this pic, because mom selected the disney movie BOLT for him since it was the 1st full length movie that he watched in the theatre---i'm sure i forgot to blog about that months ago when it happend, so here is my note to self!

i actually picked out 25 pix to put in a slideshow, but after an hour and a half having no success uploading and fooling with picasa's help center, i gave up and started uploading them in small batches to the blog! if you lasted 'til the end, thanks for enjoying our holiday photos!

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