Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First day of school & a new do for E & K

This morning Patriot headed off to the 1-year-old class of Highland's Mother's Day Out like a pro! Of course, he burst into tears at the thought of leaving me (sniff, sniff) at the door, but was done with his outburst before i made it down the hall! At pick-up Miss Olga and Miss Rosalie told me all about his wonderful day taking a buggy ride, playing with pecan leaves, going down for a nap all by himself, and drawing me a pretty picture!

Before we left the house we grabbed daddy & took some traditional Wheeler 'first day of school pix' out in front of our casa to commemorate the day:)

little and big sitting on the front steps
little and big standing by the front door

my little is getting so big!
i thought it would be fun to have him pose by the front door by himself, but he wasn't so keen on the idea (thus the above pic was taken w/ dad just short of the camera's view:) he would rather scrape up his knees going up and down the cement steps...sheesh, is he all boy or what?
While PST was enjoying his time away from mom, mom & aunt eeee were enjoying some time at the salon:)

Erin donated 12 inches to Locks for Love today---doesn't she look cutie?
i let casie work her magic and added back a little highlight & kicked it up a notch!

E & I were a little giddy while posing in front of the house as the Colcord traffic paused for a moment to wonder what these crazy blondes were up to...self-portraits, of course!

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