Thursday, July 31, 2008

Riot & the Goldfish drop

Whatcha think of our Blog mini make-over? I bet you are wondering why we decided to change our name...well, take a look at this video and I think y'all will catch on:)

Our adorable son Patriot was affectionately given the nick-name Riot by my little bro Clay, while in utero. I jokingly said that we would adopt that name for Patriot once he turned 2, however at the ripe old age of 14 months he has earned this fitting title. Not for the reasons I had envision, but simlply because he is filled with infectious laughter...this kid is a riot!

ps--we are having some technical difficulties w/ the back ground, so bear with us a bit and check back soon.

nic, melissa, & rose-can you believe i figured out how to do a movie? shocking, i know:)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my 13 month old (for 5 more minutes:)

Sweet baby boy,

This month you were SO busy. Each day it is amazing to me how you grow into a little boy a tiny bit more, yet you are still my baby in so many ways. I cannot believe you will be 14 months old tomorrow!

Today your top right molar popped through and you cried like you did as a tiny baby; nothing worked to cheer you up or make it better for very long. Aunt E sat for you tonight so Daddy and I could go on our date night and you gave her a run for her $. When we got home you cheered up a little (in fact laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes) when Daddy took you outside to throw some black cats (ummm...tiny popping fireworks?). Suddenly, I could see the little boy in your eyes once again.

Your tag line is "aw don" which is translated as "all done, I'm done, look what a good job I did, umm...NO more water, and I'm ready to leave!" Plus many more that haven't been decoded yet. You practice some of your signs, surprising me with "bath" or "thank-you" every now and again, but mostly you carefully try to copy our words.

Tonight you half cruised, half crawled to your highchair, pulled out your cheerios from your snack basket and handed them to me, as if to say, "I'm ready for dinner now"---amazingly enough it was 5 of 6:00 and you were right on time! You still love cheerios and goldfish, but have found yummy things like animal crackers, teddy grahams, pasta (the little wheels and shells are the current fave), strawberries, grilled chicken, and GRAPES.

While you aren't walking on your own yet, you sure have a great system in place to get from point A to point B. Noni says I didn't walk 'til the end of my 14th month, so I'm not holding my breath! In fact, I think you rather enjoy being toted around in my arms--the view is much better from up here:)

You are still nursing twice a day (morning and bedtime) with the exception of the past few days when you had a tummy bug and couldn't have dairy products w/out major issues! We snuck in a couple extra snuggles, feedings, and late nights rocking together as your first two molars (Sunday and today) broke through during the tummy virus. whew...and they wonder why we don't blog more;)

I love you my son and enjoy each day the Lord gives me as your Mama.

love always,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

patriot's new girlfriend?

These two cuties were caught by the paparazzi holding hands: Isla Catherine & Patriot Shane. Could it be love at first sight? Maybe one day they will be classmates at good ole' Baylor U. Sadly for Mr. Patriot, Isla will be heading back to the isle of Scotland at the end of the week:(
Happy 4 month birthday Isla:)
Some stats on this sweet baby:
  • she is on holiday in texas, but was born and will be bred in scotland while her daddy works on yet another fab degree!
  • her mum and dad (Haley & Stephen) were close friends of our in college (hales was one of my roomies:)
  • she was born after 30 crazy hours of labor by a midwife (in a scottish hospital) in the chilly march
  • she weighed in at 9 lb at birth, but she still looks little to me compared to my little chunk
  • her hairbow arsenal is full thanks to her aunt lauren :)
  • she is very bubbly, however is vocal about her desires to eat & sleep (who isn't?) like a certain 13month-old i know:)