Saturday, July 21, 2007

7 weeks old & happy birthday asa!

This week we celebrated the new life of Asa Owen Sutton! Meredith, Seth and proud big brothers, Isaac and Noah, were very ready to meet little Asa who was 2 days overdue and born Wednesday 7/18 at 4:42am. Everyone is doing well and enjoying family time at their home just 2 blocks away from our new home:)
Mere is amazed that our babies are nearly the same size and mine is 7 wks old!
Asa and Patriot's first playdate
Patriot is gaining weight (now just over 8 lbs:) and battling reflux. Our poor guy is hungry and eating to keep up with his growth spurt, but then chokes and gags before and after meals. This makes for some interesting nights at the Tetens' house. We have had our moms over the past two weeks help us out so we could get a little shut eye and a few more boxes unpacked. Thanks Noni and Lita!!! (and of course we have to shout out to our local baby-sitters, Aunt Erin and Uncle Clay;)

Friday night we had some excitement and almost an emotional breakdown from me as Pate took his first bottle. I prepared Josh by letting him know that Patriot might be confused and not take to the bottle. child latched on to that thing and sucked it dry in about 5 minutes flat! I was devestated for a few minutes until I assured myself that the only reason he liked the bottle was because it was my milk (and was quickly awarded my place back as his fav spot for a drink just 2 hours later:) Ahhh, the joys of motherhood---hormones and milk can throw you into a tizzy!!!

daddy and patriot's 1st bottle experience

we were both shocked and pate was exhausted!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

6 wks old already!

Can it be? My little boy was born 6 weeks ago today. I know many of y'all have heard the story, but for fun, let's tell it again:

May 31st, 2007

8:00am- show up for work at Care Net on what will be my LAST day of work (unbeknownst to me) to attend staff devotional

9:00-meet josh and the morrison's at the title company to close on our first house.
9:40-the paperwork is DONE the house is OURS aaaaannd

9:45-my water breaks in the foyer of the title company on our way out the door! i run to the bathroom thinking, no this really isn't happening today, is it?

9:50-josh is on the phone with the doc's office and we are racing toward the hospital.

10:00-check in at our doc's office (attached to the hospital) and my sweet dr. micus checks me and says "congrats--you are going to have a baby today" i'm already at 3cm and 75% effaced. still hasn't hit me.

10:15- i'm wheeled up to the L&D floor where i spend the next 4 hours waiting for contractions to start, calling friends and relatives, have a visit from nickster and tristan.

2:15pm-because my water has broken, but my contractions have not, i'm started on a petocin drip to hurry things along so infection will not be a problem for me or the babe.
3:30-i begin to feel some pretty intense contractions in my BACK but they do not show up on the monitor!

5:00- i'm now at 5cm and the pain in my back was so crazy, i began researching some pain management and the process for the epidural began.

5:45-the epi takes effect, everywhere except my back, which ended up a blessing in disguse b/c contractions are still not showing up on the monitors.

6:00ish-the doc on call (chancellor) checks me to find that i'm at a 9 and just have a little to go before he will let me start pushing.
???-the next bit of the time line is fuzy as the pushing begins, people are in and out to the room, and a shift change takes place. in the pushing stage(which lasted about 1 hour & 45 minutes) of labor i told the nurse, josh and my mom when i was ready to push based on what i felt in my back. at various times during pushing my mom, larka (josh's mom) my sister erin and josh were my pushing and breathing coaches.
7:45pm-in the end, mom and josh were there by my side as gave the final push and patriot emerged. josh cut the cord, and snapped 2 pix before the nurses began to sense a problem. my feelings of relief and joy were quickly replaced with tense and anxious air about the room as they monitored his breathing and realized he needed help. i was able to quickly kiss my son as he was wisked away to the nursery.

it took over 5 hours before josh and i were finally able to see our son. i cried as i held his tiny hand. all of the monitors and machines were overwhelming to us new parents.

four days later we were able to hold our son for the first time. the next day patriot and i attempted the dance of breastfeeding and i've been feeding him 8-10 times a day ever since!

there are other crazy details of our story, but i will add in our adventures one-by-one as to not overwhelm my faithful readers OR myself:)

here is a recent pic for your viewing pleasure: