Thursday, August 20, 2009

sweet summer babies: mason, griffin & claire!

okay---i realize it's a bit of a stretch to put 3 birthday's together, but we will just call it the summer baby post! Please welcome some of my newest little loves:)

the first will be the birth of my dear friend Lauren's baby boy on July 17th --Mason Garrett:

lauren and i have been friends since high school, we were roomies in college and in each other's weddings. we go WAAAAAY back, so to hold her sweet baby in my arms was a very emotional experience. i was thrilled that erin and i happened to be in the dallas area the day he was born (a tad early) so we could cuddle this precious little guy.

me and baby mason--don't you love his red hair?

eee w/ sweet sleepy baby mason

a cute close up:)
now scene change to august 3rd in waco, tx and the birth of the newest playgroup baby!

kimberly is one of my 'mom friends' from playgroup and is the amazing photographer who took our christmas pix and my fave shots of patriot's birthday! she was very sleepy after her c-section, so had a mini photo-shoot with the baby in the doorway:)

patriot loved meeting the baby and was in a silly mood:0)
i was so excited to have one of his eyes open!

nic nic had these adorable crumpler's cookies ready to go
when you stopped in to visit griffin:

now skip ahead a couple of weeks and meet our newest neighbor, baby claire:
my neighbor, sara, is baby claire's mom and she is one of my FAVORITE reasons we live on our street! their sweet family has been building memories with our family for the last year, and we SO excited to welcome the first baby GIRL on the block to our crew of 4 boys!
claire was the first baby we have gotten to visit at the new hillcrest hospital and it was NiCe!
she had to hang out in the warmer while stopped by for a
visit and patriot wasn't too sure about it!
he really wanted to hold her or play football with her...something fun!

so, the next day we had the privilege of watching claire's big bother, jack, for a couple of hours. the boys had SO much fun and even found a new game to play at the top of our couch:0)

i'm thankful that so many of my friends are having babies and letting me cuddle & hold their precious little bundles. they stand in such stark contrast to my baby--who is now an amazing 27 months old. my how the time flies!

the next picture has nothing to do with babies, but might give you a glimpse into our drama of a 2-year old. this was taken moments after jack left, in an attempt for a new facebook profile pic:
and some of you wonder why he is still an 'only' for now... hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Love the babes...cute, cute, cute. And as for my little man...that last pic says it all...oh the drama...LIKE HIS MAMA!


autumnesf said...

I love babies! What a great summer of babies it was this year!

Miss you friend!

Rose said...

Love love love the photos! That is a hysterical one of PST! And his mom does ROCK!

Aunt Eee said...

Yea for summer babies! Can't wait to add little henry to the list...although I guess he's a fall baby, technically. My favorite pic is the one of PT and Jack on the back of the couch. They seem very proud of themselves and their game! :)

Sally said...

yay for all kinds of fun sweet new babies! Patriot is TOO CUTE with all of them...looks like he wants to be a big brother mama. :)

Melissa said... this the Lauren that I knew through you? tall, dark hair, Lauren?? If so, I didn't know she was expecting! :) CONGATULATIONS! :)

Kimberly said...

how quickly time goes! my little grif is now 6 weeks old. thank you for celebrating his birth with us---and leaving me out of the picture!