Wednesday, September 09, 2009

happy birthday, henry patrick!

okay friends, this has been an emotional and thrilling day that i have been blessed to watch unfold via facebook:) pictured below is my super-woman of a friend Rose (many of you read her blog or might recognize her as my co-host on momeez:) who lives in Florida, thus the reason i had to follow the many twists and turns of the day on my computer!

so, sweet rose checked into the hospital today (09-09-09) at 41 weeks pregnant for her scheduled c-section, but below you see her pictured right after her epidural which came shortly following her water breaking---what, you say? that's right--after showing NO signs of labor AT ALL yesterday at her doctor's appointment, her sweet baby decided to get a move on today and took us all on an emotional rollercoaster that ended in a VBAC!

that's right---rose, who has been preparing for a VBAC all along had finally conceded to the idea of a second c-section and then her water breaks while she's waiting for the doc to arrive to do her 1:00pm surgery---crazy right? well, i am aMaZeD at her strength, grace, and determination. she labored through-out the day, and 10:16pm she was able to hold her little miracle in her arms.

so here he is, the 'little' 9lb 8.4 oz, 21 inch miracle--henry patrick cochran!
this first family photo makes me tear up each time i look at it!
SO much love and relief on her face.
matt, rose, & baby henry!
i thought this one was precious--matt has an incredible love for colin
and you can see the same joy and love for henry in this shot.

proud papa--matt daddy:)
okay--this kid is gonna be a heart-breaker like his older bro, colin. speaking of, i can't WAIT to see what he thinks of his new little brother when they meet tomorrow!

i cannot WAIT to cuddle and kiss this adorable little baby!

congrats, again, rose & matt--this birth story will definitely go down in momeez history:)

9/10/09 update--big bro colin meets little bro henry

as you can see, colin is enamored with his new little playmate:)


Colleen said...

Oh yay! Congratulations to your friend! What an exciting surprise! God works in mysterious ways.

That's a big boy she had there. And very handsome! I love those last 2 pics of him looking up at his daddy. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG he is adorable! I didn't realize she was at the hospital for the Csect when her water broke! Rose and I have been blog buddies since way back when Colin was still cookin'... I followed along on facebook yesterday as well, but today checked her blog and saw your post in her sidebar (That's how I ended up here). He is such a cutie and I'm so glad she got her vbac!!!!

Melissa said...

AW! That's awesome! CONGRATS ROSE!!! :) Love how sweet Henry is watching his Daddy in those last two pictures! :)